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Quanterix SIMOA Technology

Quanterix technology is an ultra-sensitive biomarker detection system that is powered by Single Molecule Array (SIMOA) bead technology allowing measurement of low-abundance biomarkers.

Figure 1: Quantitative Measurement of Neurofilament Light Chain Protein (NF-L), a biomarker associated with neurodegeneration. Neurofilaments are the major structural proteins in neurons. The presence of NF-L in CSF and plasma was found to be elevated both in ALS, MS, AD, HD patients and in their respective animal models. PsychoGenics can now measure NF-L protein using the Quanterix SR-X instrument. In this example Plasma NF-L is significantly elevated in a knock-in mouse model of Huntington’s disease, Q175KI Het, at 61-63 weeks of age.