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Jean-Sebastien Valois, MSc, is the VP of Engineering & AI Development at PsychoGenics. His experience spans 25 years over which he collaborated with world-class researchers and scientists at NASA, Carnegie Mellon, Uber ATG and Aurora Innovations. While at NASA, he worked on a robotics-aid system called the Space Vision System (SVS), which provided precise payload localization data for astronauts docking modules on ISS and Shuttle missions. He was involved with software development, mission designs, astronaut training, as well as mission support in Mission Control/Houston for more than 15 missions. While at CMU, he has led teams of researchers on several successful DARPA and privately funded initiatives related to robotics. His collaboration on important proposals helped raise millions of dollars in R&D for the University. His experience spans many areas of robotics, including control and manipulation, but his primary areas of expertise are Machine Vision and Deep Learning. He holds several patents and has published his work in some of the most prestigious robotics, vision, and machine learning journals and conferences. Mr. Valois has also co-founded and exited a startup that has received $50M in funding and continues to operate.